Kong: Skull Island casts a Birdman to join Tom Hiddleston

The Skull Island movie keeps up the excellent casting with one of our favourite actors

Michael Keaton in Birdman
Michael Keaton in Birdman

The Skull Island movie already has a strong cast with Tom Hiddleston and JK Simmons having signed on. Now, it looks like it’s getting even better.

Deadline reports that Michael Keaton is “finalising a deal” to star in the Legendary Pictures monster movie. It’s exciting to see the movie go after such strong actors, with both Keaton and Simmons enjoying a lot of awards buzz for Birdman and Whiplash respectively.

Not much is known about Kong: Skull Island, beyond its promise ” to fully immerse audiences in the mysterious and dangerous home of the iconic ape as a team of explorers ventures deep inside the treacherous, primordial island.”

We can’t wait.

Kong: Skull Island is released 10 March 2017. You can keep up with the latest genre news with the new issue of SciFiNow.