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Kelsey Grammer will fight man-eating spiders in Nest

Who wants to see a killer spider movie starring Kelsey Grammer?

Kelsey Grammer has always been vocal about starring in films you wouldn’t expect him to. That’s why he was in The Expendables 3. Now, he’s signed up to star in a 3D monster movie film called Nest and it has powerfully grabbed our attention.

THR reports that he and Kellan Lutz have been cast in “the largest Chinese-Australian co-production to date, follows a group of scientists exploring an ancient labyrinth who must fight off a swarm of deadly, man-eating funnel web spiders if they hope to survive.”

They join the already-cast Li Bingbing, who is best known to Western audiences for her roles in Resident Evil: Retribution and Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

Nest is being directed by Kimble Rendall, who is responsible for the actually-really-entertaining shark-in-a-supermarket movie Bait. Will Nest be a similar blend of schlocky silliness and genuine thrills? Only time will tell. But we’re definitely looking forward to it.

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