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Kate McKinnon to star in a lunch lady witch YA film, praise the movie gods

The Lunch Witch is being made into a film starring Kate McKinnon, whaaat

2016 has officially got good again at the very last minute, and it’s all down to SNL and Ghostbusters star/heartthrob Kate McKinnon and her latest film role.

According to Deadline, McKinnon has been cast in the title role in The Lunch Witch, a fantasy comedy film for Amblin Entertainment. That’s right: she’s playing a lunch lady who is also a witch. We are all truly blessed.

The Lunch Witch is based on Deb Lucke’s YA novel, and will star McKinnon as Grunhilda, a retired witch-turned-lunch lady, who cooks up both potions and dinner in her cauldron. In the first book of the series, she struggles with herself when a child at the school she works at needs help, even though helping people goes against everything Grunhilda believes in as a witch.

The film will be directed by Clay Kaytis, who will also been making his live-action directing debut after helming The Angry Birds Movie earlier this year. He’s also previously worked in the animation departments on films like FrozenTangled, and Wreck-It Ralph, as well as a whole load of (good) nineties Disney films. Michael De Luca (The Social NetworkAmerican History X) is producing.

Here is a character description for the book version of Grunhilda (and her dog, Mr Williams), which can be found on the official website for The Lunch Witch:

Grunhilda the Black Heart is a witch by trade, but owing to circumstances beyond her control (namely the sharp decline in the number of evil stepmothers), she no longer earns her living by magic. Today, she is a lunch lady at Salem Elementary, where she enjoys tormenting children with food. She lives in Salem with her familiars. Mr. Williams is a rather nervous fellow, having never fully recovered from the fact that he is now a dog and not a tax accountant.

Kate McKinnon is a perfect choice, right? Right. We’re not even going to discuss why she’s perfect for this because we all know she is.

Now enjoy this Holtzmann gif.


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