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Justin Theroux turns to Space Invader

Could this sci-fi comedy finally be lifting off?

PHEdvFIIX3p3HNJustin Theroux has been hired to develop the screenplay for long-delayed sci-fi comedy Space Invader, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The actor/director/writer will develop the project for Fox and at this time the prospect of him also directing this feature hasn’t been ruled out.

Futurama scribes Mike Lisbe and Nate Reger originally wrote the script for Space Invader, and upon completion the first draft was sold on to Fox Atomic. Early draft reviews described a plot where an everyman, named Doug, gets a job on a space station in order to be near his girlfriend, whom he suspects of cheating on him with an astronaut super stud. Arrested Development’s Will Arnett was originally set to star in this film, and so far this is still the case.

Theroux seems to be the perfect fit to bring this space comedy back from the brink; with ensemble comedy handled in his co-written venture Tropic Thunder and current writing duties on Iron Man 2, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to craft a competent romcom in space. Let us know what you think about this production in the comments thread below.