Justice League movie inspired by 1980 comic arc, apparently

Will Superman, Batman and co go up against Darkseid in Warner Bros’ Justice League movie?

The George Pérez cover art for Justice League Of America Vol 1 #184

According to Latino-Review who seem to be breaking news all over the shop, Warner Bros’ forthcoming Justice League movie will be based on an 1980 arc of the Justice League Of America comic by writer Gerry Conway, penciller Dick Dillin and the legendary George Pérez.

The three issues, #183, #184 and #185, show the Justice League and Justice Society transported to New Genesis, home of the New Gods, where the population has been taken to the nearby planet of Apokalips as slaves. The ultimate goal: the resurrection of big bad space god Darkseid, and the destruction of Earth!

Whether it’s the case or not, expect a bunfight on ebay over the original issues. Pick them up for $1.99 each via the Comixology app.