Justice League Dark loses Doug Liman, needs a new director

Doug Liman bails on his second superhero movie as Chaos Walking gets the greenlight

Doug Liman was recently hyping his take on Justice League Dark but seemed to know that his busy schedule might be an issue, telling Den Of Geek that “I finally have a take on it that I love, and it’s going to be about scheduling for me but as you might expect, if I’m going to tackle something in the superhero arena, it’s not going to be like anything that’s ever been done before.”

Well, scheduling was indeed a problem, as Variety reports that the director of Edge Of Tomorrow and Mr And Mrs Smith has left Justice League Dark. The rumoured cause is Lionsgate giving the greenlight to his project Chaos Walking, the adaptation of Patrick Ness’ YA novel starring Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland.

This makes Liman’s second superhero movie departure following his exit from Gambit (which is still in a special kind of limbo). He was brought onto the project following Guillermo del Toro’s exit, and the hunt for a new director is apparently already in progress. Deadline reports that Warner Bros is looking at Andy Muschietti, who is already in-house working on post-production on IT. We would get a bit antsy about that choice and what it would potentially mean for the second IT movie but it’s obviously incredibly early days and he’s presumably just one of several directors being considered.

Per Variety, “Dark Universe revolves around a dark Justice League team that consists of John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Demon. The film will play a major role in the new DC Cinematic Universe.”

It’s probably too much to ask that Guillermo del Toro be brought back and allowed to do whatever the hell he wants with these characters isn’t it?

Meanwhile, Warner Bros is still looking for a director for The Flash. Rumours about Robert Zemeckis are persisting despite the fact that he’s got another movie ready to go, and Matthew Vaughn and Sam Raimi are the other names being tipped for the role.

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