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Jurassic World: Chris Pratt is “like Steve McQueen”

Colin Trevorrow on why Chris Pratt in Jurassic World is the perfect leading man

Jurassic World Chris Pratt 1
Colin Trevorrow compares Pratt’s performance to that of Steve McQueen

The more cynical among movie-goers may view Pratt’s casting in Jurassic World as representing Hollywood’s flavour of the moment, but according to director Colin Trevorrow, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Chris was the right guy for this film for a couple of reasons,” explains Trevorrow. “One is I hadn’t seen Guardians Of The Galaxy. I hadn’t seen a single frame. Having met him through Aubrey Plaza, who was in my first film, Safety Not Guaranteed, and had worked with him on Parks And Recreation, I was very much aware of him. She was telling me ‘This guy’s a rock star. You’ve got to meet this guy.’

“When I did, not only did I agree with her that he had the presence to hold the screen, he had a very classical movie star way. When you see how he looks in this movie… oh man. It feels like you’re watching Steve McQueen.

Jurassic World Chris Pratt 2
Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady is a behavioural specialist working with raptors

“His character is not an animal whisperer. He can’t communicate with them, but him being able to strike that balance with these animals is a big part of the movie. It’s almost a relationship we get to track. It plays a huge role in the story. It’s something that we need a nuanced actor to pull off. This is a very different character from Guardians Of The Galaxy. You’ll be surprised. Very surprised.”

Of Pratt’s character, Trevorrow says, “He comes from the marine mammal program in the Navy. He is now applying some of what he’s learned with these intelligent animals to the raptors. He certainly doesn’t have them trained, but they recognise him as their alpha.

“Chris Pratt has a very unique relationship with these animals. It’s a fine line that the raptors have between working in tandem with Chris Pratt and biting everyone’s heads off.”

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