Judge Dredd remake gains Karl Urban?

Star Trek actor rumoured for reboot role.

Alex Garland’s Judge Dredd is something that’s been of interest to the wider genre community for a long time, and there’s been a double whammy of news lately.

First, Bleeding Cool is reporting that Karl Urban is being offered the role of Judge Dredd. The actor, who appeared in 2009’s Star Trek, has a role in Priest as well as the upcoming Star Trek sequel among others, is a peculiar choice for the part, but the rumour is lent credence by the fact that filming is set to begin soon. Soon, as in, the end of the year. In Johannesburg.

Secondly, The Playlist reports that it’s received details on the script, which sets Judge Dredd and rookie Judge Anderson fighting for their lives in a tower block. The report is littered with spelling mistakes and other errors, but does include a few cool details, if it is true. Check it out.

For now, though, here are a few others who we feel could take on (and keep on) the helmet.

bruce-willisBruce Willis

If you’re going to do Die Hard, at least do it right. Willis may be getting on a little bit, but we’d certainly avoid meeting him down a dark alley if possible – and if Dredd never removes his headwear, then who’s to know? Besides, Dredd’s aged 30 odd years since the beginning of the strip anyway, and his line of work’s going to turn a few hairs grey.

schweiger-13139084-mfbq,templateId=renderScaled,property=Bild,height=349Til Schweiger

Look at that chin! They may have to dub his lines to mask the accent, but if we’re being completely honest, Arnie pretending to be US Special Forces in Predator makes his German inflection more or less irrelevant. Schweiger has the action chops, and hopefully got the bad film syndrome out of his system with Far Cry.

vinnie_jonesVinnie Jones

For a man who’s built a career out of being, shall we say, ill-disciplined, on the pitch and on film, Vinnie’s done alright for himself. And let’s be honest, is there any other supposed hero in fiction who’s more of a wanker than Joe Dredd? The man suggested the nuking of several billion people during Judgment Day, for heaven’s sake! Vinnie would do alright.

300_movie_image_gerard_butlerGerard Butler

By which we mean 300, Coriolanus, Law Abiding Citizen Butler, not PS I Love You and Dracula 2001 Butler. The man can beef up when needed, and we’re more than sure that his delivery would be perfect for Dredd. Can you imagine it? ‘THIS. IS. MEGAAAAAAAAAAA (City One)!” Sounds about right, if we’re laying all of our cards on the table.

464px-Smith,_Jacqui_cropJacqui Smith

What? She scares us…