Joss Whedon-written supernatural romance starts filming next month

In Your Eyes, written and produced by The Avengers director, is about two lovers who are supernaturally connected

Joss Whedon’s second foray into the movie production business, following his forthcoming adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. In Your Eyes, which will be directed by Brin Hill, has been written by Whedon and will be produced through his company, Bellwether, which specialises in low-budget feature films, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  The only story details released about the film so far say that it’s about two people, with nothing in common, who are drawn together by a supernatural force. Abigail Spencer, who appeared in Cowboys & Aliens, is in final negotiations for the lead role.

On top of The Avengers, the Whedon-written and produced Cabin In The Woods also debuts in 2012.