JJ Abrams is working on the next Cloverfield

What is Bad Robot’s super-secret new JJ Abrams project?

jj-abramsJJ Abrams and Bad Robot have another super secret sci-fi on the way.

Deadline reports that Sony has bought a top-secret sci-fi film from Abrams and Bad Robot that will be directed by Chris Alender. Alender made an impression with his short film Eye Of The Storm, enough to justify a bidding war over his directorial debut.

The site describes the bidding war as “heated” and that “Aggressive progress to production language is part of the deal” at Sony. Presumably they’re hoping to get another Cloverfield situation going, and we all remember the fevered speculation and hype surrounding that film.



So, what’s it about? What’s it called? We don’t know. Let the speculation begin!

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