Marvel’s Jessica Jones Netflix TV show casts its star

Marvel and Netflix’s Jessica Jones TV show casts from Apartment 23

Krysten Ritter in Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23
Krysten Ritter in Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23

Marvel and Netflix have found their Jessica Jones, as Krysten Ritter has been cast in the title role.

Deadline reports that the star of Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23 and Breaking Bad has beaten the competition (including Warm Bodies‘ Teresa Palmer) to play the post traumatic stress disorder-suffering ex-superhero turned private detective.

Ritter is best known for her comedy work, but those who saw her fairly brief turn as Jesse’s tragic girlfriend Jane in Breaking Bad will know she’s got impressive dramatic chops as well. Plus, Don’t Trust The B was amazing and we’re still furious that it got cancelled.


So any Krysten Ritter news is great news.

The show is being run by Melissa Rosenberg and tells the story of Jessica Jones, a “superhero suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, which leads to her hanging up her costume and opening her own detective agency, where she ends up helping people and assisting other superheroes.”

Jessica Jones will air some time on Netflix in 2015. For more on the comics that have inspired the show, pick up our 100 All-Time Greatest Comics bookazine now!