Jacob’s Ladder remake is in production

A remake of Tim Robbins post-Vietnam horror Jacob’s Ladder is on the way

Tim Robbins as Jacob Singer in Jacob's Ladder
Tim Robbins as Jacob Singer in Jacob’s Ladder

A remake of Adrian Lyne’s 1990 mindbending horror-thriller Jacob’s Ladder is in production.

THR reports that Jeff Buhler, writer of the underrated Clive Barker adaptation Midnight Meat Train, is rewriting a script from Jake Wade Wall, who gave us the correctly rated When A Stranger Calls remake.

The original film starred Tim Robbins as a Vietnam veteran who begins to experience strange, powerful and painful hallucinations. Is he dreaming, or is the world really going to Hell? It also starred Elisabeth Peña, Danny Aiello, Matt Craven, Jason Alexander and Ving Rhames.

You can buy Jacob’s Ladder on Blu-ray for £7.32 at Amazon.co.uk.