It 2 is happening already!

Stephen King’s acclaimed novel is getting the sequel film it was always destined to get!

It hasn’t even opened yet, but the most recent adaptation of Stephen King’s It is already set to have one of the most impressive opening weekends of the year. So it’s no surprise, then, that New Line Media have already had writer Gary Dauberman (Annabelle) sign a contract to come back and pen the sequel after he amended Cary Fukunaga’s original script after the writer/director stepped away from the project.

Part of Fukunaga’s (Beasts of No NationTrue Detective) original plan for the adaptation was to split King’s original novel into one part about the group of  friends as children, and take their adult selves into part two, most likely to be known as It: Chapter Two at this point. So it comes as no surprise that a sequel is already on the cards.

Not only that, but when the first trailer for It was released back in March it broke the record for the most viewed online video in 24 hours with a staggering 197 million views, accumulating to 246 million within the first three days. More on, the film is set to make more than twice its budget within its first weekend, and will undoubtedly break numerous records within the horror film genre and cinema in general.

While the rest of the creative team for the sequel is yet to be officially set, Andy Muschietti has expressed an interest in returning for the next instalment, but, with the projected success of  It, it seems highly likely at this point.

THR reported that it is likely to be slated for a 2019, as the script is likely to include flashbacks to the characters as children, and they can’t wait too long to go into production because the younger actors have a tendency to grow up…

It opens in cinemas on 8 September. You can check our review now.  Get all the latest horror news with every issue of SciFiNow.