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Iron Man 4 new casting rumour is just too stupid

Could Iron Man 4 be Marvel’s answer to Batman Beyond if Robert Downey Jr quits the role?

The Iron Man armour circa the first movie
The Iron Man armour circa Iron Man 3

Normally we stay well away from the more outlandish/obviously bullshit rumours, but this latest “scoop” on Marvel’s Iron Man 4 is so amazingly silly that it deserves to be talked about.

According to Bam Smack Pow (no, us neither), 14-year old Ty Simpkins who played winging teen Harley Keener in Iron Man 3 (also appearing in Jurassic World) is being considered for the Iron Man role as by the time filming starts (circa 2019) he’ll be 17 or 18.


The site even admits this isn’t based on anything, just speculation upon speculation that the was being set up for a larger role role in the threequel.

There’s been no official word on Iron Man 4 and Robert Downey Jr swerves from being committed to the role for life, to being very aware that his days may be numbered outside of Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Avengers 3, where his contract runs out.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has previously stated his intention to “James Bond” the role, so literally anything could happen. But probably not this.

Teen Tony Stark (Teeny Stark?) in Iron Man: Armored Adventures
Teen Tony Stark (Teeny Stark?) in Iron Man: Armored Adventures

There’s been a teen Iron Man in the comic before (which was dreadful) and in 2009’s surprisingly fun Iron Man: Armored Adventures, but fans are surprisingly keen on a Batman Beyond type scenario where Robert Downey Jr mentors the newbie.

Frankly, we’re still so into the idea of a Batman Beyond film we’d happily substitute Bruce Wayne for Tony Stark to make it happen.

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