Iron Man 3’s Rebecca Hall versus Robert Downey Jr

“I can’t match wits with Downey J, but I can try,” says Iron Man 3’s Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3

Speaking to MTV News, the glorious Rebecca Hall, who plays scientist Maya Hansen in Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, promises some epic sparring between Hansen and Robert Downey Jr’s quip-powered Tony Stark.

“I can’t even come close to matching wits with him, but it was fun to try,” Hall said. “He’s a really brilliant improvisationalist (sic), he’s incredibly quick-witted.

“Everything he brings to Tony Stark is him. Of course, there’s all of the tradition from the comic books, the movie, and also the writing is brilliant, but a heavy dose of that character is Robert Downey Jr. He’s inspiring to work with and watch. He’s a force.”

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