Interview: Vinnie Jones

The Hollywood hard man talks to SciFiNow about his role in The Cape, as the villain Scales.

So why have you chosen to play this character in this TV show?
They came and offered me the deal of a series regular. They saw me as a main character in it, which is great really, because I moved over to LA – full time – three years ago, to get a TV series. It’s quite a hard slog to keep coming over to LA and filming, but they don’t film that much in LA now really, it’s all in Vancouver or Hungary, Toronto or wherever. But I moved here to get a TV series and that was it. I got offered one two years ago, but it was in Atlanta so I didn’t take it, but with this one, I decided to take it. I’m a series regular so I am very happy.

Tell us about the show.
It’s a new comic book TV show. The writer [Tom Wheeler] is a comic book freak, if you like – I don’t think that’s the right word maybe, but he’s a comic book hero, he worships comic books and this is his imagination, this is him giving back to what he’s had for years reading other people’s comics. And for us we’ve all grown up as five-year-olds either kicking a soccer ball or putting a cape on to see if you can fly, so to be involved in such a big show as this, and the concept of it all, is fantastic for all of us. We get to play people’s fantasies every day of the week.

How is your character going to evolve?
Well, it’s how Tom [Wheeler] writes it. I know Scales is the main boss there, trying to take over, and he will be trying all different angles to do that. He’s going to be teaming up wherever he can to try to take over Palm City. He wants all the shipments – he wants to run all the ships that are coming in, all the cargo, the money laundering, everything. I think there are lots of things there, with Rollo, with Chess, that are going to be evolved into the storyline.

Is there a back story or is it going to be a story of the week?
There’s a back story that runs right through it and then each week there will be something that comes to the forefront, but the story will keep running. I think for the pilot they had to cut things in more, rather than tell such a long story. Now they have 13 weeks to show the story, whereas there they tried to get as much in the screening as they could for the fans. That’s always hard. But I think everyone got the gist of it. It’s a cop that’s gone underground and wants to fight the city for his family and the public, with no superpowers, which is great. So lots of things, like ‘crouching tiger’ can come in, because that’s not a superpower, that’s just your mind, mind over matter.

Are we going to see lots of different villains?
Yeah, I hope so. I think we are going to see different villains coming in and challenging us, challenging my turf and Chess’s.

The Cape is scheduled for a midseason release on NBC in the United States.