Interview: Shauna Macdonald

We chat to the hardy star of The Descent: Part 2.

D2331With the The Descent: Part 2 just about to hit cinema screens across the UK, SciFiNow took the opportunity to chat to this sequel’s hardy star Shauna Macdonald. Throughout this swift interview Macdonald was keen to discuss the work involved in this film, and also her thoughts on a possible third instalment in this burgeoning franchise.

What approach did you take when re-visiting the character of Sarah?
To return as fit as possible. Also to have an open mind and to let [director] Jon Harris guide me through. I wanted to erase the memory of the first film and to accept this film in its own right.

How was it re-teaming with your original cast members?
A blast. Neil Marshall shot those scenes so it really did feel like we never ever got out the cave and we were stuck in this weird Descent Groundhog Day.

To the best of your knowledge did Neil Marshall have any creative input on The Descent: Part 2?
I know that he offered some great suggestions.

What was Jon Harris’s approach to shooting this film like?
Brave, committed and at times sicker than Neil.

Is there room for a third Descent movie do you think?
I would like to see the story continued above ground.

Do you have any desire/plans to star in any other genre movies such as science fiction, fantasy or maybe a return to horror?
When a great part comes your way you have to grab it whatever the genre. Us girls don’t have as many parts to choose from so it’s a fight sometimes just to get seen for a role.

What projects are you currently working on?
Raising my kids.

The Descent: Part 2 is to be released for Pathé Productions Ltd. by Warner Bros. Pictures UK, on December 4.  For more information visit