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Inside remake casts Mulholland Drive’s Laura Harring

Laura Harring joins Rachel Nichols in the Inside remake

We’re keeping a close eye on the remake of Maury & Bustillo’s brilliant 2007 horror Inside, mostly because it’s coming from the guys behind the [REC] franchise. It was recently announced that Rachel Nichols (Continuum, Pandemic) would star, and now Bloody Disgusting reports that another name has joined the cast.

Laura Harring (Mulholland Drive, The Punisher) has been cast in an as-yet-unnamed role. Now, for the unfamiliar, there are two key roles in Inside: the heavily pregnant woman under siege, and the woman outside who will do whatever it takes to get in. With Nichols set as the former, it seems reasonable to assume that Harring would play the latter, but there’s no confirmation on that (and other roles that she could play).

The original was a gore-drenched, relentless, and gore-drenched again ride, with excellent performances from Alysson Paradis and Beatrice Dalle. The stated intent for the remake is to make it more of a creepy chiller, rather than a stomach-churning rollercoaster.

We fully love Maury & Bustillo’s movie, but we’re interested to see what this new take is like. It’s co-written by [REC]‘s Jaume Balaguero, who directed the brilliantly creepy Sleep Tight, and the second writer is Manu Diez, writer of [REC] 2 and 4. The new take on Inside will be directed by Kidnapped‘s Miguel Ángel Vivas.

Inside “follows a recently widowed mother-to-be living in an isolated new home who receives a most unwelcome visitor: a predatory woman who will stop at nothing to snatch her unborn child. Trapped and disorientated, the young mother must unleash all her reserves of strength to protect her baby and survive the night.”


Hey, it can’t be any worse than the Martyrs remake, right?

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