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Inhumans TV series lands Iron Fist showrunner

Scott Buck will handle ABC’s Inhumans TV show

Since it was announced that Marvel would be bringing the Inhumans to TV instead of the big screen, things have been a bit quiet on the news front, but the show has just taken a big step forward.

THR reports that Scott Buck has been chosen as Inhumans‘ showrunner. He’s already got a relationship with Marvel as the showrunner of Netflix’s upcoming Iron Fist TV series, which hits the streaming service on 17 March.

The Inhumans have been introduced into the Marvel screen universe via Agents Of SHIELD, but it should be noted that this isn’t a spinoff of ABC’s other Marvel show, nor is it (apparently, anyway) a replacement for that Inhumans movie that dropped off Kevin Feige’s calendar. While the race of super-powered men and women has featured heavily in the last couple of seasons of Agents Of SHIELD, this new show will focus on Black Bolt and the royal family rather than following Daisy’s (Chloe Bennett) storyline.

The show will debut at IMAX cinemas in September next year with two episodes, before moving to ABC for a further six instalments. There’s no word on casting yet, or storyline. However, it does seem unlikely that Vin Diesel will be fulfilling his dream of appearing as an Inhuman, for the moment, at least. Sorry, Vin. You’ve got Baby Groot, though…

The Inhumans were created in 1965, and have a pretty complex backstory that involves alien biological tinkering. They were added at the end of Marvel’s movie slate back in 2014 with a planned release date of 2 November 2018, that was then pushed back to 2019. It’s never really seemed like the highest priority for them, and pesky things like sequels are taking up release date space. We’re definitely interested in seeing what Black Bolt and Medusa could bring to the Marvel universe, so fingers crossed for this 8-parter…Who knows, if it’s successful enough, maybe the film will get a push.

Inhumans will start on ABC in September. Keep up with the latest genre news with the latest issue of SciFiNow.