Independence Day 2 to cast Michael B Jordan?

Star Wars 7 rumour magnet Michael B Jordan considered for Independence Day 2

Michael B Jordan in monochrome
Michael B Jordan in monochrome

Obviously one of Hollywood’s up and comers given the amount of rumours he’s party to – most recently Fantastic Four and Star Wars: Episode VIIChronicle star Michael B Jordan has been in talks with disaster helmer Roland Emmerich to star in Indepedance Day 2.

According to The Wrap, “Jordan has not yet received an offer, nor does one seem imminent. 20th Century Fox and Emmerich had no comment, with official casting news expected closer to the holidays.”

Amazingly, nobody appears to have left a comment anywhere theorising that he could be playing the son of Will Smith’s Steven Hiller. Well done internet, you’re making progress.

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