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In the news…6-10 July 2009

Michael O’Connor brings you a round-up of the week’s main headlines.

1110330_57736617With the staggering amount of coverage surrounding a dead pop star, you’d be forgiven for not catching the real news this week, and that’s the fact that SciFiNow issue 30 is on sale now. Go forth, gather, and consume.

Despite panic on the streets of Tehran, a heat wave on the south coast of England and a cheeky bit of ethnic strife in provincial China to top it all off, Michael O’Connor is here to bring you a round-up of the week’s main headlines on SciFiNow.co.uk, from Kate Beckinsale’s hideous embarrassment at the hands of the London tabloids, to the day the franchise changed tack in Stargate Universe.


timthumb2Jennifer’s Body red band trailer released – Megan Fox continues her assault against my RSS feeder unabated with the release of the trailer for Jennifer’s Body. Quite why every site seems to be saying this looks good is beyond me. It looks like utter crap, with the only draw (for both the trailer and the film) being a chance of catching Jennifer’s rack on-screen. Grow up, kids.


timthumb-11Universe has a ‘gritty reality’ – SciFiNow landed an exclusive interview with the producer of the new ‘Gate series, and it’s a pretty sweet read. While he spins the standard spiel about it ‘all being about character’, there’s a few interesting tidbits about how it’s shot like a reality series. There are more than a few pitfalls to consider with this technique, and I remain sceptical they can pull it off, but I’m still excited.


01Children of Earth scores riotous ratings – It’s no secret that I’m not Torchwood’s biggest fan. Honestly, I find it hard to watch, and that hasn’t changed much with this poor attempt at a concept miniseries, that just smacks of not being given enough budget for a full run. Nevertheless, I’ll raise my glass to their ability to pull in 6 million viewers with the premiere – hopefully this will stop Barrowman whining to the RT at any rate.line_divider

timthumb-21District 9 – the best sci-fi flick of the year? – Incorrect. We all know that Star Trek has been the best sci-fi flick of the year, beating off incredible opposition from Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and, er, Wolverine. Either way though, this Blomkamp fiesta looks pretty sweet, with the visuals echoing the Halo shorts he put out a while back. No, I won’t stop going on about them until Microsoft gives me my Master Chief movie!


timthumb-31Beckinsale wins libel battle over Barbarella – In a cautionary tale for tabloids to stop pumping out bilge to not believe everything you read, Beckinsale won 20 grand from the Daily Express for claiming that she was heartbroken over Rose McGowan being more popular than her. I mean, not getting her dream role of Barbarella. Let’s just hope her poor, flailing, multi-million dollar contract career recovers from such slander.