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In the news…29 June-3 July 2009

Michael O’Connor brings you a round-up of the week’s main headlines.

1110330_57736617Afternoon minions, we’ve reached that time of the week again, although this time I’m in the same boat as you lot, having to stay back at work rather than leaving at one as usual. What better way to do that than have a brief look at Aldqvist’s oddities, Eureka’s quirks and a bit of exciting news for Sam and Dean Winchester (depending on how you look at it)?

Fear not! Veteran end-of-the-week pub trip survivor Michael O’Connor is here to keep you occupied midway through this day of days, with a round-up of the week’s major headlines.


timthumbHas Supernatural’s Lucifer been cast? – Sammy! Just kidding, but it looks like the previously-crispy Jacob from Lost will become the previously-crispy Prince Of Darkness in what is frankly one of the best shows on television. Come on, who doesn’t want to see a verbal throwdown between Dean and the Devil? Followed by a physical one?


timthumb-1Virtuality shorts out – The long-awaited debut of Ron Moore’s reality-cum-sci-fi drama Virtuality occured last week. The results aren’t good, and neither are its prospects for series. Let’s hope SciFiNow’s stellar reccommendation sways heads at Fox. Never mind, at least we have Megan Fox being incapable of keeping her fool mouth shut to entertain us.


timthumb-2Aldqvist ‘cautiously positive’ about Let Me In – In one of the more amusing, yet peculiar interviews we’ve conducted here at SciFiNow, which featured John Aldqvist singing Morrissey down the ‘phone at us, he also praised Matt Reeves’s Cloverfield and said he’s tentatively optimistic about the American remake of Tomas Alfredson’s outstanding film. Hmm.line_divider

timthumb-3Nimród Antal to direct Predators – Shortly after discovering that, no, he can’t use the Force (pictured), Antal decided to take a crack at Predators instead. The news was brought to us by AICN’s Harry Knowles, who has more or less eradicated any journalistic integrity he has left by making it public knowledge that he’s so far inside into the industry, he can’t be objective.


timthumb-4Paglia updates on Eureka – Seems like Carter’s finally getting attention from Allison, and all it took was the horrific death of that pesky Stark bloke. Eureka, it must be said, is something I’m looking forward to greatly, particularly with the idea of robotic police officers. Given their propensity towards whimsy and all things quirky, I can’t wait to give it a whirl.