In the news…27-31 July 2009

Michael O’Connor brings you a round-up of the week’s main headlines.

1110330_57736617Well, Comic-Con’s over for another year, the stomachs have settled and the jet lag has finally worn off, so lucky you, In The News is back after having taken a week out! We have the new issue back from press and it’s going on sale next week – check it out.

It’s Friday, and you know what that means. Michael O’Connor is here to bring you a slightly acerbic round-up of the week’s main headlines on, from Eureka’s renewal through to Ridley Scott’s reappearance on Alien. It may not be PC, it may not be particularly well-written, but at least it seems to happen without fail every Friday. Except for last Friday.


timthumb5Eureka renewed for a fourth season! – Great news, everyone! Eureka is definitely going to be back, bringing us its peculiar mix of peculiarity that peculiarly manages to hit the right spots. With the remnants of season three airing at the moment in the good old US of A, I’m personally thrilled to know that we can expect more next season. Let’s just hope there’s no more monolithic breaks midway through the episodes, or the hounds will be released.line_divider

timthumb-13Tron Legacy trailer goes live – I have to confess that I don’t understand the mania that surrounds Tron. Sure, it was good enough craic at the time, but it’s horribly dated and, I suspect, not as great as many claim it to be. That being said, there’s a new Tron film out soon, if you haven’t heard, and the test footage that we saw at San Diego last year has now been made public. It’s glitzy, it’s shiny, and it’s got some awful CGI at the end. A flop maybe?


timthumb-23Sci-fi regulars to guest star on Dollhouse – Did anybody really think that Joss Whedon wouldn’t be recycling yet more of the cast from his old shows? You didn’t? Oh dear. Either way, it appears that Alexis Denisof and the veritably vivacious Summer Glau may well be appearing in the second season of Dollhouse. Jamie Bamber will be putting in an appearance too, in the first episode by all accounts, rejoining Battlestar castmate Tamoh Penikett.line_divider

timthumb-33Exclusive: Jeepers Creepers 3 on the waySatan Ray Wise spoke to SciFiNow, where he revealed that the third film in the Jeepers Creepers series will be winging its way to us shortly. A third, really? I mean, the first 30 minutes of the first film is, in my eyes, some of the finest horror on film. Then it just went downhill after that, way, way downhill. I’m not particularly excited, but I know some of you will be, so enjoy.line_divider

timthumb-42Lefevre, Summit clash over Eclipse recasting – The Twilight sh*tstorm surrounding the ousting of Rachelle Lefevre in favour of Bryce Dallas Howard for the role of Victoria continues, with both parties acting like children in the media. Whether it was her fault or Summit’s, I don’t care. I’m just sitting back and enjoying watching Lefevre dominate Summit in the spat, with the latter reeling to prevent a major PR disaster among the young fans.


timthumb130 years on, Ridley Scott returns to Alien – Here’s some news that’s guaranteed to have fanboys all over the world reaching for the underwear drawer. Variety reported today that Scott will be taking the directorial duties on the Alien prequel, but is the franchise already bust? I know that I tend to just watch the first three, and I’ve more or less ignored everything since then. Maybe this will be good, but maybe Scott is just undermining a huge feather in his cap, the 1979 original.