In the news…24-28 August 2009

Michael O’Connor brings you a roundup of the week’s main headlines.

1110330_57736617Exciting times, In The News fans. The new issue came back from press yesterday, and it’s pretty awesome. Make sure that you pick it up from the shops next week, or so help us, we’ll pick you up. We’re not entirely sure what that means either.

It’s Friday, and you know what that means. Michael O’Connor is here to bring you a slightly acerbic round-up of the week’s main headlines on, from the postponement of Shutter Island through to Superman swinging into action on Chuck. It may not be PC, it may not be particularly well-written, but at least it seems to happen without fail every Friday. Except for last Friday. Maybe it should be fortnightly, eh Mr O’Connor?


timthumb1Scorsese’s Shutter Island pushed back to 2010 – Bummer. I’m rather looking forward to this one, although Paramount’s argument is fairly understandable if true, and at least it shows the company has confidence in the quality of the film. The downside is that it’s not eligible for this year’s Oscars (do people really still care about them?), but the upside is that it’ll give us something to look forward to in a typically bleak month. You know, the one with all the grey weather, and the cast-off cinema. Go team DiScorsese!line_divider

timthumbFirst look: Inception – Christopher Nolan is more or less the darling of cinema after his efforts with The Prestige, Batman Begins, and the entertaining, but possibly overrated Dark Knight, and fans are clamouring for any news about his relatively star-studded Inception. Now the trailer’s here and… well, click the link and see for yourself. It’s just amusing how everyone’s pretending to be interested in anything other than news on the third Batman film. I’m guilty as well.


timthumb-31Behind-the-scenes on Jennifer’s Body – Jennifer’s Body certainly is the draw for this film, but this little featurette is surprisingly decent, lending the idea that perhaps this could be relatively funny. Diablo Cody is a bit over-enthusiastic perhaps, and Megan Fox looks like she could care more about the cockroach she just stepped on, but that’s hardly going to dissuade the legion of horny fans already queuing up to see her breasts.line_divider

timthumb-21The Prisoner Blu-ray revealed – Easily one of my favourite shows, I’d be excited about this release far more if I had a HD setup. Still, it’s pretty good news for those of us lucky enough to experience the lacklustre phenomenon that is high definition. Just imagine how shiny that bouncing ball will seem, and how craggy the faces will look. Magic.line_divider

timthumb-11Superman joins Chuck – Awesome! Brandon Routh is going to be playing a recurring character in the next (heavily delayed) season of NBC’s spy-fi comedy gold show Chuck. He seems to be filling the void left by Bryce Larkin as a romantic conflict between the titular character and his CIA handler Sarah, but if you pick up the latest issue of SciFiNow, on sale next week, you’ll learn more about the comings and goings of the heart in this brilliant gem of a show.