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In the news…22-26 June 2009

Michael O’Connor brings you a round up of the week’s main headlines.

1110330_57736617Another Friday, another news round-up. Yes, it seems that we can hit deadlines on very rare occasions, even with the death of a certain pop singer, and allegations of electoral fraud in Iran. Are you looking forward to the weekend? We certainly are, particularly with the prospects of Wimbledon being rained off and, less fortunately, the likely thrashing of the Lions at the weekend.

But fear not! Veteran end-of-the-week pub trip survivor Michael O’Connor is here to keep you occupied midway through this minefield of a day, with a round-up of the week’s major headlines.


img00304-20090619-2032-300x2251Sapkowski wins Legend Award – Big props have to go to the Polish breakthrough author Andrzej Sapkowski for winning the David Gemmell Legend Award, at a glitzy event attended by press, PRs… and not Medecins Sans Frontieres, which the whole auction was in aid of. There were a handful of authors, too. Still, well done Mr Sapkowski, unlucky Mr Abercrombie, and I’m looking forward to next year’s ceremony.


heroes-201x3001Fuller exits Heroes – Do the words last legs ring any bells? How about merry-go-round? Bryan Fuller has left Heroes, again, following his much-publicised (and lauded) return to the show at the end of last year. I’m not surprised to be honest, Heroes has become stale despite a creative upswing in the latter half of season three, and let’s be frank, the Pushing Daisies maestro and Star Trek dreamer can do much better.


timthumb2Weaver: Not appearing in Ghostbusters III – Sigourney Weaver has said, in a shocking twist, that she probably won’t be appearing in Ghostbusters III, and that Dana and Venkman’s relationship would be “nonexistent” 25 years on. Who pissed in her coffee? However, she rounded it off nicely by saying that she wishes them well, although she doesn’t want expect to have anything to do with it. Ah well, the premise sounds flimsy anyway.line_divider

timthumb-11First look: The Box – Richard Kelly returns, astoundingly, to the director’s chair with a new horror-tinged thriller starring the questionable Cameron Diaz and the awesome Frank Langella. After Kelly’s last disaster of a disaster movie, Southland Tales, I’m not expecting much from this, but if he can possibly keep the run-time under three hours and not have years of wrangling with the studios, ending up with a butchered product, he may win back my affections.


timthumb-2Obituary: Michael Jackson (1958-2009) – I’ll resist the urge to take swipes here. The King is dead, the world is united in grief, or at the very least, those who appreciate Jacko’s music. He had an immense cultural and social impact that’s hard to measure, and his antics (both musical, personal and professional) will be missed. That’s it from me this week, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled 5 o’clock countdown. Enjoy the craic, and I’ll see you at the bar!