In The Flesh Series 3 update from Dominic Mitchell

Dominic Mitchell talks about the fate of his brilliant BBC3 drama In The Flesh

Luke Newberry and Emily Bevan in In The Flesh
Luke Newberry and Emily Bevan in In The Flesh

For those of us anxiously awaiting news on Dominic Mitchell’s excellent zombie drama In The Flesh, the last few months have been pretty tough.

However, speaking at the Wales Comic-Con (via Digital Spy), Mitchell said that the future of In The Flesh is “”up in the air”.

“”I think everyone would love to do a series three – I would love to write it,” he said. “It’s down to the BBC.

“BBC Three is going through a transitional period where they might be going online [and] that decision hasn’t even been made yet. That decision will be made in mid-December, so until then it’s still up in the air.”

When asked about the potential direction for a third series, Mitchell said that we could see the village of Roarton become further divided. “I think that’s what [the villagers] would see as a good thing – ‘We can’t get along so let’s be separate’ – but of course that breeds more trouble.”

The show has an incredibly vocal and loyal fanbase who have been tweeting their support with the hashtag¬†#saveintheflesh and at this point it’s important to stay positive.

In The Flesh


We’d love to see a third series of this excellent, original and heartfelt show, so fingers crossed that the BBC make the right decision.

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