Image comic Chew TV series in development

John Laymon and Rob Guillory’s Chew is being developed for TV

ChewThe Image Comics series Chew, created by John Laymon and Rob Guillory, is in development for a TV series.

Chew is the story of a ‘cibopath’ cop who can see the history of anything he eats, and how that ability helps him in his work investigating murders is as hilariously gruesome as it sounds. Oh, and it’s set in a world without chicken after bird flu ravaged America.

Chew was previously optioned by Showtime, but never got past the pilot script stage. THR reports that this new incarnation is being developed by Jeff Krelitz and Quality Transmedia, who are developing a live-action version, as well as an animated adaptation for digital and home media.

You can buy Chew Volume 1: Tasters Choice for £5.62 at