I Kill Giants film casts lead and Guardians Of The Galaxy star

The movie of Joe Kelly and JM Ken Nimura’s graphic novel I Kill Giants finds its two stars

Zoe SaldanaThe Chris Columus-produced film of Joe Kelly and JM Ken Nimura’s acclaimed graphic novel I Kill Giants is picking up speed, with two lead roles being cast.

THR reports that Madison Wolfe (True Detective, Zoo) has signed on to play Barbara Thorson, the outcast schoolgirl who can see things that others can’t, while Guardians Of The Galaxy and Star Trek star Zoe Saldana has been cast as Barbara’s kindly psychologist Mrs. Mollé.

The site also reports that the filmmakers looked at 500 young actors for the part of Barbara.

The film is being directed by Anders Walter (an Oscar-winner for his short film Helium) with a script written by Kelly himself.

I Kill Giants tells the story of Barbara Thorson, an acerbic fifth-grader so consumed with fantasy that she doesn’t just tell people that she kills giants with an ancient Norse warhammer – she starts to believe it herself. The reasons for Barbara’s troubled behavior are revealed through the course of the book, as she learns to reconcile her fantasy life with the real world. – In 2012, I Kill Giants writer Joe Kelley and artist J.M. Ken Niimura received the International Manga Award, an honor given by the Japanese Foreign Ministry to an outstanding comic book or graphic novel.”

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