I Am Legend reboot coming from Warner Bros

The last man on Earth will face monsters again as Warners gear up for I Am Legend reboot

Will Smith in I Am Legend
Will Smith in I Am Legend

The Will Smith-starring I Am Legend may not be beloved by fans of Richard Matheson’s novel, but it was a box office success and Warner Bros have finally found a way to get a franchise going.

Deadline reports that a script called A Garden At The End Of The World, described as “a sci-fi version of John Wayne’s The Searchers is being “retrofitted” into becoming an I Am Legend reboot.

Why is a reboot necessary? Well, because Will Smith has no interest in returning for another go-round. Apparently a prequel was in development that would have featured his character Robert Neville, but it all fell apart. Smith is famously wary of sequels (unless they’re Men In Black or Bad Boys, of course), having kept out of the way of Independence Day 2 for example.

So what we’ll get is another spin on Matheson’s tale of a man alone at the end of the world, hiding from the monsters that hound him every night. On the plus side, could this mean that we actually get something resembling the novel? We’ll have to wait and see.

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