Humans: Channel 4 announces air date for sci-fi drama

Find out when the Colin Morgan-starring Humans will air on Channel 4

William Hurt Humans
William Hurt stars in Channel 4’s Humans

It’s pretty hard to have missed the numerous adverts on Channel 4 and eBay for Humans, the new sci-fi drama to be hitting Channel 4. All that’s been missing is an air date, which we can reveal now: Sunday 14 June.

Starring the likes of William Hurt, Colin Morgan, Rebecca Front and Neil Maskell, Humans takes place in a world where human-esque robotic helpers known as Synths have become commonplace, with many being installed in homes across the world.

With the cancellation of   last year still a painful memory, we’re hoping this will step up into into the void. Judging by what we’ve seen so far, the signs are pretty good.

Humans will air on Channel 4 from Sunday 14 June. Read our feature on the series in issue 107 of SciFiNow, on sale now.