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Human Centipede 3 promises a 500 person centipede

Tom Six announces an even bigger Human Centipede 3 as original star returns

Deiter Laser as Dr Josef Heiter in The Human Centipede

Genially insane writer/director Tom Six has announced that original Human Centipede villain Dieter Laser, who played Dr Josef Heiter, will return  to construct a human centipede made up of more than 500 people in the next installment of the franchise.

After running afoul of the British censors with The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), which was briefly banned before being released with several cuts, Six shows no signs of changing his ways.

“I know my Human Centipede 3 will be very politically incorrect,” said Six, “but I didn’t want to change anything in the script. I am very happy Dieter will follow my vision for a full 100% now and know he is absolutely the most brilliant actor I could wish for.”

Laser and Six had a public falling out, and it looked unlikely that he would return. However, apparently the two men have come to an understanding and agreed that creating the sewing as many people together as possible is a common goal worth putting aside their differences for.

Both Laser and Human Centipede 2 villain Laurence R Harvey will be playing new characters in the film which, according to the press release, will have “a storyline no one will expect.” We’ve also been teased with the information that a big American star will be attached (boom boom) to the film, so we can expect plenty of merry controversy-courting from Six when the film starts shooting in May.

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