How to make V better

We’ve compiled a list of ammendments for phase two of V’s mission to entertain.

Picture 1It’s snazzy poster art time for ABC’s V reboot, which can only mean one thing: the show is returning to screens. In its first block of episodes this re-imagined series showed some real promise, and I feel that the show was subject to some pretty unfair production trouble and cancellation rumours during its first run.

However, the programme wasn’t perfect, and there are some matters that need to be addressed in order to give it a fighting chance on screens. You can read these after the jump.

v-morena-obamaKeep up the controversy

Many critics cited this version of V as being an allegory of Barack Obama and his road to presidency. It’s commentary like this that gets people talking, thinking and engaging with a TV series, which is of course never a bad thing. Expanding on this theme of hope and freedom will be a big bonus.

v-lizard-alien-ladyGo green

This is a shallow one, I’ll admit that, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that it’s about time we saw the true face of the alien threat. The original series’ visitors were pretty creepy when their human skins were shed, so there’s no reason why this contemporary spin shouldn’t give us something green and ghoulish.

116110_0469No filler

BSG got away with it on occasions and Supernatural is at its best when taking a meander into the non-canonical, but a show with V’s scope simply cannot include filler episodes.  ‘A Bright New Day’ was slow in places, but not exactly a cause for concern. The show’s pilot was movie esque, in terms of scale, so as long as future episodes keep this momentum viewers should be in for an exciting season.

Season one of V recommences on US screens on 30 March 2010. UK viewers will – finally – be able to see the series in April, via the SyFy Network.

So, who’s looking forward to V arriving on British screens? Or, for the US viewers out there, how are you finding this series? Post your thoughts below.