How Agent Carter Season 2 ties in to Doctor Strange

Agent Carter’s producers talk Season 2’s Doctor Strange links

For many of fans, one of the most intriguing facets of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been its willingness to link its films and shows together as part of a shared universe, and Season 1 of Agent Carter did this in a number of instances – think Roxxon, the Howling Commandoes, Mickey Rourke’s dad from Iron Man 2 and the origins of the Black Widow programme, for starters

Though Agent Carter stands on its own feet, Season 1 did have a couple of sneaky links to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – something that’s always welcome among fans. Is Season 2 going to tie into Marvel Studios’ plethora of upcoming projects? The answer is yes, according to executive producer Michele Fazekas.

“We touch on a thing called Darkforce, which comes from the Doctor Strange universe,” says Fazekas. “While we’re not telling the story of Doctor Strange, it’s a big part of that world, and we sort of hint at the Dark Dimension, and that something is there on the other side. Because this is 1947, they don’t understand what they’re dealing with, and they don’t call it Darkforce; they call it ‘Zero Matter’, so there’s going to touch on that.”

Refreshingly, the Agent Carter team have the full support of the studio when it comes to implementing these links. “The team at Marvel Studios has been great and very supportive of the show,” says  fellow executive producer Tara Butters. “What they often do, which is fantastic, is they’ll see the direction we’re going and kind of say, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you added this in there?’ They help us with the Easter eggs.”

Agent Carter Season 2 will air on FOX on 28 January 2016 – read our review of Season 1 hereYou can find out more about the characters and the comics that inspired them by picking up the latest edition of 100 All-Time Greatest Comics.