Highlander reboot aims high with new casting offer

There can be only one star of the Highlander remake and they want a big one

Sean Connery training Christopher Lambert in Highlander
Sean Connery training Christopher Lambert in Highlander

The upcoming Highlander reboot, which is still happening, has reportedly put an offer out to one of the world’s biggest stars.

The Wrap reports that the film’s producers are “courting” none other than Tom Cruise to star in the film from first time director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, but not as Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod. No, they want him to play Sean Connery’s mentor role, who was named Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez in the original.

Interestingly, Cruise’s representatives have actually responded to the rumour, stating that he is “far from talks,” that he “is offered tons of projects,” and that Highlander is “one of many projects that come to him and he discusses.”

It would make a nice change to see Cruise in the sidekick/mentor role, but at the moment this does seem about as unlikely as Sean Connery playing an Egyptian Spaniard.

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