Heroes Season 5 coming as Heroes Reborn miniseries

Save the cheerleader a final time, but can Heroes Reborn bring the fans closure?

Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli in NBC's Heroes
Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli in NBC’s Heroes

According to a press release, NBC have enlisted Touch showrunner and original Heroes creator Tim Kring for a final 13-episode arc of Heroes, entitled Heroes Reborn, and due to air in 2015.

The storyline is being kept a secret, but the network hopes to entice an unspecified number of the original cast members to return, which would suggest that the emphasis is being placed on all-new characters.

NBC also promises a “a digital series prior to the 2015 premiere that will introduce the characters and new storylines.”

Given the biggest complaint about Heroes abrupt cancellation in 2010 was that various story arcs were left unresolved, how can Heroes Reborn hope to give the fans closure?

You can pick up Heroes: The Complete Collection on DVD for £49.93 from Amazon.co.uk. Meanwhile, check out the Heroes Reborn teaser below: