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Heroes S02E11

Episode 11: Powerless
US Air Date: 03/12/2007
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Director: Allan Arkush

episode_s2_011Episode 11: Powerless
US Air Date: 03/12/2007
Jeph Loeb
Director: Allan Arkush

Picking up from episode ten’s cliffhanger ending, Peter renders Hiro unconscious by electrocuting his sword. Meanwhile, Nathan and Matt learn of their location from Angela Petrelli, and arrive just in time to convince Peter of Adam’s plan to unleash the virus. Hiro teleports away with Adam and Peter destroys the vial. The next scene shows Adam screaming for help, buried alive in a Japanese cemetery.

Niki and Micah trace Monica to an abandoned warehouse the thugs are about to burn down. Niki helps her escape but gets trapped herself on the way out, and the building explodes with Niki still inside.

Claire still plans to expose the Company, but West is not so keen; they argue and break up over it. Afterwards, Noah returns home and tells Claire not to expose the Company. He has made a deal and will be working for them again, but in exchange the family will be left alone to lead normal lives.

Maya learns Sylar’s true nature when he kidnaps Molly and Mohinder. Wanting to get back into her father’s good books, Elle decides to play hero and attacks Sylar, but he escapes with the anti-virus. Nathan also plans to expose the Company, and calls a press conference. As he is about to announce his abilities, he’s shot in the chest by an unknown assailant. Speaking on the phone shortly afterward, Angela says that while she understands the motives, the assassination has opened Pandora’s box.

Crouching in an alleyway after fleeing Elle, Sylar injects himself and his wounds heal instantly. With his powers returned, he gives an evil grin and says, “I’m back.”