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Heroes Reborn: meet the new katana-wielding badass

Kiki Sukezane tells us about her mysterious new character in Heroes Reborn

Kiki Sukezane Heroes Reborn
Kiki Sukezane as Miko in Heroes Reborn

Our hats go off to Tim Kring. Judging by how little we know about Heroes Reborn so far – save that it takes place in the wake of a disaster in Odessa that sees many dead and people with powers having targets painted on their backs – he has kept his secrets well.

Actress Kiki Sukezane is also keeping her cards close to her chest when she speaks to SciFiNow. While she won’t reveal the nature of her character’s powers (“I can’t tell you that part, I’m afraid!), she does give us a summary of her character. “My character’s name is Miko Otomo, and she lives in a Tokyo apartment. She is kind of quiet and very unique, but once she fights, she is really strong, as you can see from the trailer.”

Judging by the way she in which she wields her katana blade in the trailer, she will be a force to be reckoned with – our money is on her becoming a fan-favourite character. Unsurprisingly, given her obvious skill, this isn’t the first time Sukezane had wielded a blade. “I learned Japanese sword fighting before, and I’ve had experience on action films, so I knew how to fight, but every time I have to fight in a scene I learn something new every time.”

Indeed, it’s unsurprising that her fighting prowess is one of the main reasons for her getting the part. “This is kind of an interesting story, because I didn’t have an agent or manager at the time,” recalls Sukezane, “I used to go to Japanese sword-fighting classes in LA, and there was a boy who came to the class with his mum, and his mum had a friend who was a casting director, and the casting director was looking for a Japanese girl who could do sword fighting.

“So the casting director asked the boy’s mum if she knew someone in the class, so she asked me to send her my action reel, and the casting director really liked it, so she invited me to audition for Heroes. Then I went to the audition and got this role!

In a cast that includes the returning likes of Jack Coleman and Masi Oka (“I really liked Masi – I’m so glad we worked together!” says Sukezane), as well as genre favourites like Zachary Levi, the newcomer welcomes the opportunity to work with these sci-fi icons, especially having watched the original series. “I’m learning every single time when I’m shooting, because they’re all so good,” says Sukezane. “So I learn every time – they inspire me.”

Despite being pressed, Sukezane won’t give away too many details about the upcoming series, although she seems confident that it can stand apart from its predecessor. “Heroes Reborn has something really new, kind of – I can’t really tell you the details, but it has something new that the original didn’t have. The Heroes Reborn story is more mysterious than the original, and there’s more fighting.

“I really like the story of the show, because it makes people think about Earth, space – how can I explain this without telling your story – because it makes me think about the future for real. If this series has a main theme, it’s destiny.”

Heroes Reborn will air from 24 September on NBC in the US, with a UK air date to follow. For more on the biggest TV shows, pick up the latest issue of SciFiNow.