Harry Potter producer developing YA fantasy Shadow And Bone

Harry Potter’s David Heyman to adapt new fantasy trilogy for DreamWorks

Shadow And Bone movie

Shadow And Bone movie
Shadow And Bone by Leigh Bardugo is available now in hardback

Harry Potter producer David Heyman has been tasked by DreamWorks to develop Young Adult fantasy Shadow And Bone, written by Leigh Bardugo, as a movie. Heyman described the book as “a riveting and wholly original adventure set in a breathtakingly imaginative world.”

Shadow And Bone is the first in a trilogy in which Alina, an average girl in a fantastic land, but when dark forces attack her friend she discovers she has the power to drive them away, and is trained as a ‘Grisha’, a sort of magic-user.

DreamWorks production president Holly Bario said, “We found not just a fantastic story, but one set in a mystical and fascinating world that will translate well to the big screen. We are excited to begin adapting this book and look forward to working with David Heyman who has unparalleled proven success in this genre.”

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