Hannibal Season 2 casts Katharine Isabelle

American Mary and Ginger Snaps star Katharine Isabelle joins Hannibal Season 2

Katharine Isabelle in American Mary
Katharine Isabelle in American Mary

Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal Season Two has cast Ginger Snaps and American Mary star Katharine Isabelle as a patient of Hannibal Lecter’s and a potential love interest for one of its characters.

TVLine reports that Isabelle will play Margot, a “potential romantic interest for Will [Graham] (she is, after all, a lesbian) who also happens to be a patient of the Carnivorous One. Described as beautiful and compelling, Margot has suffered years of abuse at the hands of her serial-killer twin brother.”

Isabelle will recur in the show for at least four episodes to make life interesting for Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal Lecter and Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham, according to the site, which means she’ll have a significantly longer life-span than most of its guest stars.

Hannibal Season Two begins on 28 February in the US. No UK airdate has been announced. You can buy Hannibal Season One on Blu-ray for £24.99 at Amazon.co.uk.