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Hands on with Star Wars: The Old Republic

The MMO a whole universe has been waiting for…

44482_Sith_01The team over at NowGamer.com recently got their hands on highly anticipated MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. Fans of the space saga needn’t worry, though, as this one looks to be getting a big thumbs up already.

The game takes its cues from recent efforts from developer BioWare – notably Mass Effect – and offers PC gamers the chance to get lost in a huge playing world. Time spent with the game yielded the chance to play as a Sith Warrior class as he battled through hordes of Imperial Troopers. What struck most, however, was that every choice made had deep ramifications to the gameplay. Put simply: The Old Republic is going to be a monster time consumer, one that is shaping up to be an instantly immersive experience and a grand return to form for the Star Wars franchise and its RPG output. To read the full preview hit the link.

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