Hammer Films to adapt The Daylight Gate witch novel

Jeanette Winterson’s The Daylight Gate will be made into a Hammer Horror film

daylightHammer Films have bought the film rights to Jeanette Winterson’s witchcraft novella The Daylight Gate.

Variety reports that Hammer will be adapting the story “set in 17th Century England during the reign of James I, is centered on the notorious 1612 Pendle witch trials, during which a dozen people were charged with the murders of 10 people by the use of witchcraft. That paranoia  crossed the ocean with the Pilgrims and set the scene for the Salem witch hunt in the 1690s.”

The novella was released under Hammer’s publishing arm, as the company continues to co-ordinate that arm with its film division. The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death screenplay and novel are being written concurrently.

Next up on the Hammer slate is ghost story The Quiet Ones, which is due for release on 14 April 2014. You can buy The Daylight Gate for £5.75 at Amazon.co.uk.