Halloween new movie director rumours have started

Hush and You’re Next directors linked to the new Halloween

Following the announcement that a new Halloween movie would be produced by John Carpenter and Jason Blum, the rumours about who would be brought on to direct have started swirling.

Bloody Disgusting reported a rumour that Hush and Oculus director Mike Flanagan was in talks to write and direct, and later confirmed that the discussions are indeed taking place. The site’s normally very solid when it comes to reporting these things, and Flanagan has a relationship with Blumhouse already with Hush and the upcoming Ouija 2, so it seems safe to assume that this is not some kind of terrible pack of lies.

Stepping in to fan the flames of spooky rumour is You’re Next and A Horrible Way To Die director Adam Wingard, who posted a series of Halloween-related tweets that sent everyone into a bit of a tizzy, starting with this one.

Wingard’s obviously a fan of the Halloween movies (The Guest was a love letter to the first movie and made it clear how much he loves Season Of The Witch), so it very well could be sheer joy at the prospect of Carpenter returning to the franchise. Also, he’s got Death Note up next for Netflix, and it’s been reported that Blumhouse and Miramax want Halloween ready for a Halloween release in 2017, which could make for tricky scheduling if he is in the mix.

Still, isn’t it exciting to see Flanagan and Wingard’s names in the mix? We’re big fans of both filmmakers, and while we’re certainly of the opinion that the Flanagan rumour has more basis than the Wingard one, it’s hard not to start whistling the theme from Halloween. Meanwhile, we really would like confirmation that Carpenter is at least interested in composing the score, please.

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