Halloween casts Judy Greer in a key role

The awesome Judy Greer is in negotiations to join David Gordon Green’s Halloween

David Gordon Green’s Halloween movie just got more exciting, as the most excellent Judy Greer is in negotiations a key role.

Deadline reports that the star of Archer, Arrested Development, Ant-Man and The Descendants could take the role of Laurie Strode’s daughter Karen, joining Jamie Lee Curtis in the Blumhouse movie.

This is very interesting news for two reasons. The first of which is that Judy Greer is brilliant and we always need more Judy Greer. Horror-wise, she was one of the bright spots in the disappointing Carrie remake and was a hell of a lot of fun in Wes Craven’s aptly named werewolf movie Cursed.

The second is that this is the second time in the Halloween chronology that Laurie Strode has had a daughter. She’s had a son, as those of us who love Halloween: H20 will remember, played by Josh Hartnett (who we were kind of hoping would pop up in a little cameo, still holding out hope for that). She has also had a daughter in the Curtis-free later sequels: Jamie Lloyd, played by Danielle Harris. Harris would later star in Rob Zombie’s remake and its sequel as the daughter of Sheriff Brackett.

This would certainly seem to confirm that Green and co-writer Danny McBride are ignoring the Halloween sequels beyond (possibly) Halloween II.

Otherwise, details remain scarce. But we certainly hope that Greer signs on.

The untitled Halloween film will be released on 19 October 2018. Keep up with the latest genre news with the new issue of SciFiNow.