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Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is dead, Frankenweenie blamed

Guillermo del Toro blames Frankenweenie for Pinocchio movie getting canned

Pinocchio in Disney’s 1940 cartoon classic

Prolific master of macabre fantasy and sci-fi Guillermo del Toro offered an up an explanation for the non-movement of his long-mooted Pinocchio movie, and apparently it’s Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie that’s to blame.

“Short to the point update on Pinocchio for those inquiring: It appears that this is not the right time for such a superior-adventurous flick,” the director Tweeted.

“They look at numbers. Frankenweenie was a box office failure to them.”

It’s certainly true that Tim Burton’s stop-motion passion project didn’t exactly get the turnaround Disney were hoping for, grossing just over $35 million in the US against its $39 million budget.

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