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Guggenheim moves off FlashForward

David Goyer takes over showrunner duties after 12 episodes.

Flash_Forward_cast-thumb-550x351-19390Marc Guggenheim, up until now the showrunner of what has undeniably been this year’s television hit, FlashForward, has left the production after 12 episodes.

The move leaves executive producer David Goyer in line to take the reins on the project, which has recently been commissioned for a back nine in light of its exceptional performance in the ratings since its debut.

The move may not be as negative as it seems, however, as several outlets are reporting. Although Goyer is known for his screenwriting efforts on films such as The Dark Knight, his experience in television, particularly managing a high-profile series such as FlashForward, is negligible to say the least. Similar situations have existed before, where a fresh executive producer has been apprenticed, for want of a better word, to a more experienced temporary showrunner until they have accrued enough experience to run the property themselves.

FlashForward stars Joseph Fiennes and John Cho among others. The series follows a catastrophic event where people experience a brief period of time six months into their own future, out of their own bodies while they do so. This two and a half minutes of inactivity leads to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of deaths. The FBI sets up a task force to examine the flash forwards, as they are called, and determine why some people seemed to have been unaffected by the event.