Guardians Of The Galaxy: Groot is “inspiring” says Vin Diesel

Riddick star Vin Diesel wants to “defy expectations” with Guardians Of The Galaxy role

Groot and Rocket Raccoon kicking ass in Annihilators #2
Groot and Rocket Raccoon kicking ass in Annihilators #2

Speaking to the LA Times, Riddick: Rule The Dark star Vin Diesel didn’t come out and say he was taking on the role of fearsome tree-man Groot in Guardians Of The Galaxy, but was happy to talk vaguely about what appealed to him about the character.

“I’m an actor. I can do whatever the … I want,” said Vin Diesel. “As an actor, not everything has to be the most obvious choice. And sometimes, the best thing you can do — as far as Steven Spielberg and his advice — is to defy expectations.

“So if everybody thinks you’re going to go for this one thing and you flip it entirely and go for the strangest Marvel character, it’s interesting. And when something is interesting, it’s inspiring.”

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