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Guardians Of The Galaxy’s CG Rocket Racoon will “wow you”

Guardians Of The Galaxy’s Groot and Rocket Racoon will “make sure the fans are proud”

Hellboy creator Mike Mignola’s Rocket Racoon and Groot variant cover for Annihilators #1

For James Gunn’s eagerly anticipated cosmic superhero saga Guardians Of The Galaxy, one of the greatest changes is in convincing bringing to life the more outlandish members of the team – gun-toting Rocket Racoon and angry tree-man Groot.

Whether its CG or practical effects. producer Victoria Alonso is convinced they’re going to be impressive.

“We’re going to do it the best way possible,” she told Crave Online. “We are going to hopefully wow [you].

“The beautiful thing about it is technology is always on our side, so we’re, I would say, very deeply into developing the look and hopefully some motion tests are happening so that we can figure out how they move, but I think that we will put all hands on deck to make sure the fans are proud of those two characters.”

Guardians Of The Galaxy is due in cinemas 1 August 2014. Pick up James Gunn’s Super on DVD for £4.49 or Blu-ray for £6.99 from Amazon.co.uk.