Guardians Of The Galaxy casts Michael Rooker

The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker to play alien archer Yondu in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Yondu, far left, on the cover of Marvel Super-Heroes #18
Yondu, far right, on the cover of Marvel Super-Heroes #18

The Walking Dead and Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer star Michael Rooker has been cast in James Gunn’s Marvel Phase 3 movie Guardians Of The Galaxy as Yondu Udonta, the first character cast from outside of the core 2008 reboot team.

Introduced in a 1969 issue of Marvel Super-Heroes by Arnold Drake and Gene Colan, Yondu is an alien tribesman and expert hunter, and another sign that superhero archers are a big thing.

Rooker has worked with James Gunn on both Slither and Super, and was brilliant in both, frankly.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is due in cinemas 1 August 2014. Pick up James Gunn’s Super on DVD for £4.49 or Blu-ray for £6.99 from