Guardians Of The Galaxy: Benicio del Toro role explained

Everything you need to know about Benicio del Toro’s Marvel villain Ronan The Accuser

Benicio del Toro as Jackie Boy in Sin City
Benicio del Toro as Jackie Boy in Sin City

Den Of Geek is reporting that Benicio del Toro, Lee Pace and Karen Gillan’s characters in James Gunn’s cosmic caper Guardians Of The Galaxy have finally been confirmed… and the rumour-mill was bob on in all cases.

Del Toro is playing the Collector, Pace is Ronan The Accusor, and Gillan is Nebula. But who the Ditko are they, and what does their casting auger for Marvel’s most outlandish Phase 2 film so far?

Here’s everything you need to know about Benicio del Toro’s role…


Ronan The Accuser

Created by the Silver Age dream team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Fantastic Four #65 (1967), Kree supercop Ronan is the supremely powerful arbiter of the Kree Empire’s unflinching and brutal brand of justice – an alien Judge Dredd wielding an energy-powered warhammer.

Tangling with the Fantastic Four again and later the Inhumans, Ronan would wind up on the wrong side of his own justice system – forced to clear his name and save the Kree Empire in Annihilation: Ronan # 1 (July 2006), and making the transition from stoney faced villain to tragic, nobel hero.

Rebuilding his shattered society, Ronan would also rebuild ties with the Inhumans – entering an arranged marriage with Crystal (who used to go out with the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch, and was married to Magneto’s son Quicksilver) to tie the two powers together.

The two eventually grew closer when the Shi’ar – another alien superpower, more often seen hassling the X-Men – attacked the wedding in War Of Kings #1 (May 2009), kicking off a mega-event that disrupts the status quo surrounding all of Marvel’s star-spanning heroes.

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