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Gremlins remake is still happening, new writer hired

Someone has fed the Gremlins reboot after midnight with a new writer

GremlinsThe Gremlins remake seems to pop up every now and again just to get the requisite amount of online rage and disappointment before disappearing. This is one of those times where it looks like it might actually happen.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros has hired Goosebumps writer Carl Ellsworth to write the remake of the beloved 1984 Christmas classic, originally written by Christopher Columbus and directed by the great Joe Dante.

Columbus will produce alongside Steven Spielberg, who also worked on the original. No director has been announced yet. Ellsworth also wrote Disturbia, and the underrated The Last House On The Left and not-underrated Red Dawn remakes.

Will we be looking at a similar tone to the original? Will it still be dark and terrifying as well as thrilling and hilarious? Time will tell. Until then, at least there’s the original, and the sequel, which, as we all know, is actually brilliant.

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